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  • September 18The Indy talent show will be Sept 21st at 7pm in the IPAC

  • September 11School pictures are Thursday, Sept. 21st

  • September 11The college fair will be held September 20th at the Cool Springs Galleria Mall

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Emily Brown, Contributor

April 21, 2017

Filed under IndyInk, Short Stories

Youth is filled with discovery, adventure, whimsy and wonder. It is filled with the ones you love and the ones you lose, the things you learn and the things you forget. Sadly, as you grow, the discoveries of play time, the adventure of pretend pirate games, the whimsy of stuffed bears and toys and the wonders of imagination- they all seem to disappear. You forget how to be carefree; you forget how to travel to Narn...

At Sea

Perri McCoy, Contributer

April 12, 2017

Filed under Short Stories

I’m walking through crowds of people, bumping into strangers whose names I’ll never know, and as I look around I see no one. I go through my day as if on a conveyer belt, time carries me along on its schedule. And I allow every second of it. Not having you here is the only thing on my mind. It all fades away as I remember your smile and how it made me smile. Everyone tells me there’s so much more to life. And I believ...

So There’s This

Amelia Scott, Staff Writer

February 2, 2017

Filed under IndyInk, Short Stories

Okay, so I write, or I try to. I normally write poetry and like everyone else out there, and I think I’m good at it. My teachers have said that I’m good, one even thinks I’ll be published one day. As I’ve grown up I’ve tried to adapt and change my style, and I have. My poetry is much less uniform and more me in a way. But not here to talk about poetry, right. Stay focused. So yeah I don’t write much of that oth...

The Prospective Perspective

Rebecca Campbell, Contributor

January 31, 2017

Filed under IndyInk, Short Stories

    I looked out upon a field of celandine. The sun hung low in the sky, gracing everything in its path with a golden hue. I sighed. Then I heard a warbling sound behind me. I smiled knowingly and turned around.     Stunned silence. You're making that stupid face, and I smile wider.     "Y- you... I, I mean... me... I... what?" You look at me with confusion that is slowly eaten away and replaced by fascinatio...

Dancing to the Song of the Stars

Bailey McCarl, Contributor

December 13, 2016

Filed under IndyInk, Short Stories

          Each day for as long as I can remember, she has been there: my harshest critic. A constant shadow, she drills judgment into my soul until her beliefs consume mine. Regardless of where I am - school, home, in front of the mirror - she never fails to tell me of my inadequacy.           “You’ll never be talented or beautiful or good enough,” she asserts.           And I lived believing ...

“I am Ready for the Next Big Step”

Nadia Khan, Contributer

December 13, 2016

Filed under IndyInk, Short Stories

I grew up with a dad who immigrated to America from India, washed dishes and sold books door-to-door in order to put himself through two master's degrees.  I grew up with a mom who married at nineteen, had me and my two siblings by the age of 25, yet finished college on time and with honors.  I grew up with the assumption that everyone has a great work ethic and a “nothing is impossible” mentality.  Then...I started...

Christmas Across the Globe

Drew St. Charles, Contribuitor

December 13, 2016

Filed under IndyInk, Short Stories

As December 25th creeps closer and closer, anticipation and excitement will grow for the most wonderful time of year, Christmas! Kids will make sure to leave out milk and cookies for Santa as he travels across the globe, delivering gifts to the kids who have made his nice list. Kids will run down the stairs at the ungodly hours of morning to look in their stocking and unwrap the presents Santa has left for them, and later...


Mackenzie Robertson, Contributior

December 13, 2016

Filed under IndyInk, Short Stories

Not everything is okay. Fact of life, people. And more and more I look around and see people try to redefine "okay." Or try to figure out the way the world is best run Or what's the difference between messing up and just having some fun There's no black and white- it's all just grey The world is flexible, there's room for all- oh, you're going to pray? A lot more is accepted A lot more is rejected And more and more...

Personal Memoir

Rachael Jameson, Contributor

December 1, 2016

Filed under IndyInk, Short Stories

I can still feel the humidity in the air and the sweat dripping down my face as I nervously trudged up to the group of people I would soon call my team. My first day of cross country practice is not a day I vividly remember because it was fun or even the slightest bit enjoyable.  It was actually quite miserable, but I still remember that day (and likely always will) because of the impact it had and continues to have on my ...

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