• March 9Prom tickets will be for sale one March 21 for $35

  • March 9Peer leadership application for next year can be picked up in the counseling center, they will be due by March 9

  • January 10Drivers Education applications are in the counseling office. Apply ASAP!

  • January 10PSAT results are in!

  • January 10Seniors: Check the board next to the counseling office for scholarship opportunities.

  • December 4Senior yard signs will be on sale for $20 until April 6.

  • October 24If you plan to ride the late bus please sign up before 8th period

  • October 10Seniors: Check the spelling and accuracy of your name on the counseling window!


Jared Frazier, Contributor

September 18, 2017

Filed under IndyInk, Poems

A thud against the unforgiving earth howling Winds rushes forth from already punctured lungs and thus begins rebirth. As the twisting forest of ashen metal mockingly salutes the tumble from on high their thin gray branches howl back -- politely matching the shrill pitch of the ringing Winds. Winds continues in this way -- reverberating against the ugly trunks. Until an ashen fog rolls slothfully in ...

Fighting Words

Amelia Scott, Staff Writer

April 4, 2017

Filed under IndyInk, Poems

No, be nice. Turn down the volume. But the mistakes. No, don’t think. She can’t help but think. That doesn’t mean we should. How do we turn it off? You can’t. You know this as well as I do. I thought we were better. We were Then… What happened? Life, us. Us? What did we do? You don’t know? No, I don’t. I want to help. You can’t. But we’re all there is! She has to But we’re her. There’s no her or us...

The Process of Writing

Amelia Scott, Staff Writer

February 2, 2017

Filed under IndyInk, Poems

Forcing words, that is something simply, impossible. The words must flow on their own the pressure of a guiding hand will only muddle it in the end. Learn to let them free, they'll sing and dance in beautiful ways creating a unique song. The product is never what it was meant to be, and the reader will take care of the rest. So sit back, let them listen to your words sing

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