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Systems in Place To Stop Violence Before it Happens

Kinsey McCarthy, Co Editor

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Ever since the attack on Sept. 11 2001, the United States media has brought ever more attention to each mass shooting that occurs. Americans are becoming informed about the attacks more than ever due to the evolving, fast paced style of media. Topics such as gun control along with stricter national security have become significant in the eyes of the public. For the most prominent example of the impact these attacks have on the US look at airports after the 9/11 attack, they’ve gained stricter rules on sizes and volumes of objects that can go on planes.

Speculation of what will happen after the most recent attacks has made way. Personally,  I feel that the national security can only get stricter from here, which will only create ways for these people acting out to find another loophole to overcome. Even if a stricter gun control is enabled, there is always a black market for criminals to get a gun. The solution is not in stricter regulations, although it may help. Solutions will most definitely prevail by helping the people who might commit these crimes before they even think of them.

Programs to help young people at risk are already in place. More of these programs to keep children off of the streets and out of a violent mindset might help decrease the rate of crime, which can possibly decrease in acts of violence.

Even with every solution possible, there is nothing that can prepare anyone for such a tragedy that plays out when this country is attacked with terror. Hopefully, the country can find a way to help each other in fighting this battle. Hopefully, terror will find it’s way to stop.

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Systems in Place To Stop Violence Before it Happens