• April 10No prom tickets will be sold after April 18.

  • April 10Charging in the cafeteria will stop on May 1.

  • April 10Baseball plays at 6:30 P.M. at home April 10.

  • April 10Caps and gowns will be handed out April 23.

  • April 10Yearbooks can still be purchased for $100 in B118.

  • March 21Deadline to apply to the Sara Lynn Murphy Memorial Scholarship is April 15

  • March 21Lost and found will be donated March 23

  • March 9Prom tickets will be for sale one March 21 for $35

  • January 10Seniors: Check the board next to the counseling office for scholarship opportunities.

  • December 4Senior yard signs will be on sale for $20 until April 6.


Amelia Scott, Staff Writer

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Let’s go find our minds,

in a place that tells no time.

We left them far behind,

when we sat and watched the sky.

Clouds few by in the blue,

while we looked for something new.


Me, and me, and me.

You, and you, and you.

we only have our minds,

to fight against the time.

We keep them close at hand,

while we sit but won’t understand.

Shapes pass us up in the sky,

blindly we see them go by.


You, and me, and you.

Me, and you, and me.

We have saved our minds,

from the wrath of time.

You sit there next to me,

as beautiful as can be.

We sit and watch the sky dim,

and stars appear at our whim.

You look at me and say-

You never want to loose this day.

The world won’t see me cry,

as long as you’re by my side.


You and me as one

One as you and me

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