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Graduation Venue Stampedes Controversy

Independence's Class of 2016 at graduation on the football field.

Independence's Class of 2016 at graduation on the football field.

Independence's Class of 2016 at graduation on the football field.

Noah Litton, Staff Writer

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Seniors crawling their way to the finish line, parents panicking trying to put together graduation parties, many exciting ideas of future plans for the graduates fill the air.

Graduation is just around the corner, folks. But, we can’t talk about graduation until we discuss the venue, which will be held at the Williamson County Agriculture Expo Center.

It has been held here for as long as most administrators can remember, except for last year when it was held at the football field. Many students would have loved to graduate on the football field this year, so Indy Now did some digging to see why the Ag Center has re-gained status as the go-to facility.

Jacob Bell, a 2016 graduate said, “I liked graduating on the football field, but it would’ve been better if it was at night. And a little extra seating wouldn’t hurt. But definitely not the Ag Center.”

On the other hand Cameron Vinson, a 2016 graduate said, “No doubt the Ag Center (is a better venue); the football field was too hot and my family didn’t have a place to sit.”

The Ag Expo Center is a fantastic facility to conduct the ceremony due to its ample amount of seats and space. There is room on the mezzanine for young siblings and cousins can play so they aren’t having to sit still in a seat throughout the whole thing.

The Ag Center holds great tradition, with Independence High’s first through 2015 graduation ceremonies held there.

Last year, the Ag Center was booked due to the rodeo being in town, so we were forced to conduct the ceremony on the football field. Even though the date had to be changed do to rain, the class of 2017 enjoyed marching across a field that held not only memories, but emotional energy.

So senior students have been asking, why not do it on the football field again?

Assistant Principal Heather Black explained that the major problem with the football field is dealing with the weather; the Ag Center is just a much more efficient route.

Black said, “We have the Ag Center down to a science,”

It does seem like graduating on the football field would be able to hold the spirit of our high school experience, being on the field that embodies a lot of the school’s morale and excitement.

However, the Ag Center holds the tradition.

Last ‘graduation was really anything but smooth with the weather delay due to storms  conflicting with many students’ graduation parties and events. Which really is why the Ag Center is the ideal place, there isn’t any chance for delays or conflicting times with events.

Most of the class of ’17 is excited to graduate in the Ag Center, process up the aisles, march across the stage, and accept hard-earned diplomas in the footsteps of their predecessors.

Graduation will be held at the Ag Expo Center at 10:00 a.m.

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Graduation Venue Stampedes Controversy