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Sports: Not Just One

Joe Holdheide, Staff Writer

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In this day and age when trophies and scholarships dominate youth athletics, kids are being pushed to specialize in a single sport as soon as they begin. Driven by the professionalization of youth sports, coaches and parents alike have turned their focus to making kids young experts in their sport of choice. Parents do this because they feel that their kids will fall behind if they don’t practice all the time.

But these claims are nothing more than myths that are often at odds with the well-being of children. In reality, countless benefits of playing multiple sports are being forgotten in the middle of the specialization craze. For starters, improving fitness, motivation, confidence and creativity. But perhaps more importantly: playing for the sake of the game itself and in doing so, having some plain and simple, old-fashioned fun.


One thing that specialized sports cause is injury. This is due to the fact that the children are doing the same movement all the time. This causes stress to be put on the bones and joints which in turn starts to wear them down.


Playing more than one sport can also help children build muscles all around their bodies not just the ones for a certain sport. This will lead them to be a better total athlete.


Children in multiple sports also learn to compete. They will learn patience and attention need to compete in sports like baseball and golf. Then they can also learn the physicality and endurance in sports like basketball and football.


The biggest thing that children in multiple sports have is that they burnout slower. This is because they aren’t playing the same sport all year around so they won’t begin to despise it as fast.


Although it may seem right for children to focus on just one sport, it isn’t the best option.

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The student news site of Independence High School in Thompson's Station, Tennessee
Sports: Not Just One