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Watching Franklin Grow

From eating ice cream to drinking coffee and shopping, main street has a multitude of things to do.

From eating ice cream to drinking coffee and shopping, main street has a multitude of things to do.

From eating ice cream to drinking coffee and shopping, main street has a multitude of things to do.

Amelia Scott, Staff Writer

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In 2005 I remember walking from my church to the Mellow Mushroom in downtown Franklin. It’s a quick walk- less than a city block. I remember being able to jay-walk across the street where ever you wanted to because the roads were so calm.

The small number of restaurants were always open on a Sunday afternoon, ready for the “rush hour” when churches let out. Even with that rush of customers the area stayed quite mundane and there was always an open table for you and your family. I remember begging my parents to let us go to Ben and Jerry’s after lunch, and on the rare occasion where they would say yes, I remember sitting on the old benches outside the store watching our quiet town pass by.

Over the years, I watched our small unknown town grow and change. I watched as the children’s barber shop at 5-points became a restaurant, then another, then another, then the still-standing Sweet CeCe’s that’s there now. I watched as our small theater closed and I watched as the town came together to save it- I watched as they later broke the ground to rebuild the theater. I watched my mom work in an old house that had been made a nonprofit’s home and I watched as it became a coffee shop from Nashville. I watched our loved Ben and Jerry’s close, and I watched as the clothing store behind it moved forward, as their old space became a visitor center. I remember thinking how pointless it was for us to have a visitor center, who would ever want to visit normal, old Franklin?

I continued to watch as the toy store that I grew up in closed down and became another retail clothing store. I watched buildings disappear. I watched as restaurants that were once filled to the brim became empty and closed down, leaving only empty buildings behind. I watched the boat store close and become a burger restaurant then a seafood restaurant. I watched my small town warp and change into something completely different.

Today I’m watching a bank become another restaurant, I’m watching two small businesses close to make room for something bigger and richer than they are. I’m still watching my town change, I’m still seeing my home become something different. I’m still not sure how to feel about it either.

It wont stop changing now, I’ll only gain speed through all the changes. So I’ll just keep watching as my town grows, as people use maps to find their way around, as the streets fill with cars, as small businesses close to make room for rich retail. I’ll watch and remember what Franklin once was and hope for what it’s becoming.

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Watching Franklin Grow